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Published: 16th September 2009
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When one entertains the idea of Immortality, immediately they think of Immortality of the soul after the death of the body. But, what about the body? Why do we automatically assume that the body is to be thrown away as though is has a limited purpose? Isn't it highly possible that there is a higher purpose for this body?

For those of you who are able to get past the teachings you were raised from birth with...such as the statement that "everyone dies"...for those of you who are able to open their mind to "all possibility" I challenge you with the thought that your body does not have to die. Are you brave enough to entertain such a brave thought? A thought that goes against everything you've been taught since birth?

Can you stand alone, steadfast and brave in your belief when the all the world tells you the opposite? For those that can the rewards are great.

Life is evolution. Evolution has been going on since forever and will continue to advance into Eternity. As long as there is movement there will be evolution. Evolution is change, change is movement as the Universe moves forward in it's unending spiral through Eternity. It will change, but it will not die.

Everything, earth, sun, planets, galaxies, and Universes are always evolving forward to new and greater heights. It can be no other way, for life is movement.

Your body must change in order to evolve into the next is an on going process that will never end. But, here's the key, that change must be pushed into being while here on the earth...consciously with all the will of your mind and heart. That change must happen with you in charge...while alive on earth. Because earth is the plane of physical evolution and no one can evolve for must achieve this great and glorious feat yourself.

There is a door, one that will exalt you to the highest heaven...the seventh heaven. Reserved for those who overcome...reserved for those who have created a body of Light.

In order to access this door we must become Master of our environment. We must become Master of our thoughts, words, actions and deeds. Our life and desires must be controlled and orchestrated consciously by total control.

For those hungry for more, there is more! Go within and ask. "Seek and you shall find." "Ask and it shall be given." "Knock and the door shall open." It must start within your own heart. You must have reached the point in your evolution that nothing from without is fulfilling you anymore. You must desire with all your heart to "know God" not just "know about God." And then you must ask.

If you are having a hard time grasping the idea that your body does not have to die I offer this:

Do you really think people will be dying 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 years into the future with the strides that science continually makes? You know in your heart that someday science will figure it out.

Why wait for science to figure it out when you have all the tools you need available to you right now? Why not join the thousands of spiritual pioneers piecing this veil that has held us captive for so long?

Your body was created for a purpose, but that purpose was not death. Your present body was created through years of evolution and it is still evolving. Why would you believe for a second that it stops here? Evolution does not stop. As you practice being in command of your faculties through the thoughts, words, deeds and actions of your body, you slowly but surely change the atomic structure of your body.

Walter Russell once stated that the atom was "light curled in on itself". You are made of Light, the first substance created. But, this light has been clouded over with every fearful, discordant thought we have had through all our lifetimes, making this light ever so dim. Sort of like light trying to pierce though a dirty filter.

The earth has always been the stage for the evolution of the body and it still is. Once you remove all the veils dimming that ever lasting, living light within, that light will burst forth in blazing Glory and every cell within your body will beam forth the fullness of the Light within and you will become a being of Light as Jesus did on the Mount of Transfiguration.

Satprem so aptly named his book, "The Mind of The Cell...or Willed Mutation of Our Species."

Will your Immortality into existence by your burning desire to consciously evolve your body into the fullness of it's purpose...a being of Light, our next step on this glorious evolutionary road. Glorify God by achieving this great and Glorious body of Light. This is why you were created, this is why you have a body, this is your mission on earth.

"All things are possible to those who believe." It must start in your heart. Turn within for direction from your God. He is waiting patiently for your attention, when you've exhausted your outside chase.

Why would the body have evolved through eons of time on earth only to be eliminated now. Where is the purpose in that? It simply does not make sense.

Open your heart...and your mind to the greater glories which are your inheritance.

With our new glorified bodies we shall continue to consciously evolve these bodies as we spiral on to greater heights, worlds without end.


Kathy Dobson is a longtime student and teacher of Higher Wisdom. She is passionate about showing others the potential they have within. Her recent passions include Internet Marketing with an emphasis on Membership sites as a vehicle for creating financial freedom.

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